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Navigating COVID-19:
What you need to know as a
Small Business Owner


Unprecedented challenges ahead for small businesses


The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is a quickly changing, uncertain situation. You may be seeing hourly updates about travel bans, upticks in cases, and restrictions on day-to-day life – all of which are affecting your business. It’s an unprecedented challenge for you as a business owner to keep yourself and your staff healthy, and your business running as smoothly as possible.


We’re here to help. Keep reading for tips on how stay in touch with your customers, find out your business credit score, how to keep your business health in check, and more.


Of course, financing for your business may be on your mind – in addition to your financing options with OnDeck, there are also emergency funding sources available from the Australian government. If you would like to find out more about the SME Govt. Guarantee Loans then please fill the form below and our Business Loans Specialists will get in touch with you.

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COVID-19 stimulus measures for small businesses

The government has provided stimulus packages that are helpful for small businesses in a number of ways. Some state governments have also provided additional support. Read here to get all the information about all the stimulus packages that have been announced by central as well as state government.

How to increase business cash flow during coronavirus

Whilst there’s light at the end of the tunnel with restrictions beginning to ease, you’ll still need to manage cash flow losses suffered during the lockdown. Unsure what’s best for your business? Here are some ways to increase cash flow if your business is struggling during this time.

Where is your state up to with COVID-19 re-opening?

It’s been a tough few months for Australian businesses, and the SME community has had to come to terms with some very challenging COVID-19 lockdowns. But for most states there is light at the end of the tunnel. This is your guide to how restrictions are being eased or, in some cases, tightened at a Federal level – and how the rules apply to your state/territory. We’ll continue to update the details as the situation changes.

Planning tool to help SMEs stay COVIDSafe

A planning tool has been released by the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission (NCCC) to help businesses keep their employees, customers, and the public safe as they start the gradual process of returning to work. Learn more here.

Small businesses show ingenuity and resilience in the face of crisis

We’ve been blown away by the entrepreneurship we’ve seen from SMEs pivoting their expertise into new opportunities. Whether it’s an outdoor event staging firm reassigning its tradies to carve out wooden desks or a yoga company taking its downward dogs online, inventive SMEs are determined to thrive rather than survive COVID-19. Read some of their stories here.

The importance of understanding your business credit health during COVID-19

Whether your business is thriving or you’ve had to shut shop, understanding the health of your business is equally important. During the current crisis, it’s become imperative for business owners to know their business credit score so that accurate measures can be taken. Read our guide to find out more.

Managing contractual impacts of COVID-19

In the current climate you may be required to negotiate on existing contracts with suppliers, partners or customers. The government has urged entities to work together towards an outcome where all parties in the supply chain survive the COVID-19 pandemic, but where exactly do you stand when it comes to negotiating contractual terms?  Check out this article on contract relief and force majeure in this time of uncertainty.

Why content is more important than ever right now

Your customers are at home, and they’ve got more time and fewer distractions than ever before. This means they’re hunting for content. Valuable content. Is your brand grasping the opportunity? Read more.

How to set employees up to work remotely

With stores and offices closed around the country, many businesses have been left with no choice but to transition to remote working. Whether you’re self-employed, managing a team or somewhere in between, working from home comes with a range of challenges. But with proper tools and management strategies, you can hit the ground running in no time.

Tips to maximise tax breaks while working from home

Every cloud has a silver lining. While the social distancing measures of COVID-19 mean many Australians are stuck inside, it also means you may be able to claim a tax break for home office expenses. Here are our top tips to maximise tax breaks during the lockdown.

Beware the rise in scams as COVID-19 bites

Scammers are taking advantage of the vulnerability and fears of Australian consumers, investors and business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what you and your employees need to be on the look out for to protect your business.

New ways to verify your customers’ ID during COVID-19

Social distancing is changing the way your business can verify the identity of new customers. Here’s the latest advice on checking your customers’ identity during COVID-19.

Are you aware of the $150,000 instant asset write-off?

Our latest research found that half of SMEs that know about the newly enlarged $150,000 instant asset write-off plan to leverage it, yet a staggering one-third of small businesses don’t know about this tax break opportunity. Learn more here.



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Small Business Owners


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Additional resources to help navigate the COVID-19 Outbreak

How retailers can make the most of COVID-19 downtime

While there’s no denying this period is likely going to be one of the most challenging any business owner will face in their career, the downtime comes with it an opportunity to stop, take stock and prepare for business in a new, post-pandemic world. Here’s how to make the most of your downtime and to keep your sales flowing.

Read More

Communicating with your customers during COVID-19 will help keep your business afloat

The current environment means the timing and methods of communications you choose will be critical in helping you retain customers and keep your business solvent. Whether digital marketing, social media or public relations, the communications method you choose will be dependent on the business you operate. 

Learn More

Can business insurance protect your SME against Coronavirus?

Now is the time to tap in on the various business insurance policies that you might have taken out. Check out our guide to the different types of business insurance and the situations they may be helpful for.

View Guide

Recommended Reading

The Coronavirus outbreak is an ongoing, evolving situation—and new information becomes available almost daily. We’ll keep this section updated with the most helpful resources for business owners.



Economic Response to the Coronavirus
Australian Government – The Treasury


COVID-19 Government Assistance Guide
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – A business guide to financial and regulatory assistance available


Cash Flow Assistance for Businesses
Australian Government – The Treasury (Fact Sheet)


Coronavirus Information and Support for Business
Australian Government – Business


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Current Situation and Case Numbers
Australian Government – Department of Health


JobKeeper Payment Employer Guide
Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Latest Updates on the Coronavirus Pandemic


Latest Updates on the Coronavirus Pandemic



States & Territories

COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Information for Small Business Owners
New South Wales


Coronavirus Business Support


Novel Coronavirus Support for Businesses and Employees


COVID-19 Business Information and Support
South Australia


SBDC Blog – Coronavirus Stimulus Package
Western Australia


Community Advice – Business
Northern Territory


Frequently Asked Questions

You are eligible if your business:

  • is an SMEs, including sole traders, with a turnover of up to $50 million.
  • has a minimum turnover of $100,000 gross annual turnover
  • is at least 1 year in business
  • No bankruptcy (prior or recent)

Fill out our Expression of Interest form at the top of this page and one of our loan specialists will get back to you.

The Coronavirus Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Guarantee Scheme applies only to new loans. Existing customers have access to this scheme granted that they take out a new loan and that they not use the funds on refinancing any existing loans OnDeck or otherwise.

As the world is navigating an unprecedented situation. OnDeck recognises that this crisis is having a huge impact to small businesses across Australia. Everyday the situation is changing. OnDeck is still focused and committed to lending to SMEs in Australia. We are also focussed on helping our existing customers navigate the Covid-19 crisis in a supportive and fair way.

The Government has invited lenders like OnDeck to participate in the Coronavirus guarantee scheme. We are working through the details at the moment and will provide updates as we get more information.


We are offering support customised for each business. Where possible, we encourage our customers to make partial repayments, so they are in a better position when the situation is over. If this is not possible, we are offering payment deferrals of varying lengths, which can be extended upon review. We understand every small business is different and want to be as flexible as we can.   


Banks are in a different position to offer a 6-month deferral as their product is quite different to OnDeck’s, it’s typically a secured product, with a term more than 3 years and interest accrues on the outstanding balance. OnDeck’s product is unsecured, with a term of 12 months (sometimes less) and your total interest expense is set at the start of your loan.

Please refer to the ‘Recommended Reading’ section above for more information on all of the government support packages that are available

Please check out the articles, features and useful links to various websites and government information on this website, which includes information about stimulus packages available to support small businesses in this difficult time.

Yes the team at OnDeck is open for business! In the best interests of our people and our customers we’re all working remotely from our homes, but the technology and processes developed by OnDeck over the years ensure we can maintain the same level of service and processing times as we’ve become renowned for in Australia.


Some of our lending criteria has been adjusted during these times, but our Loan Specialists will be happy to discuss your options, explain the process and answer any questions you might have. Simply call us on 1800 676 652 or click here to begin your application.