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OnDeck helps Swan Pools keep up with demand for swimming pool supplies

by OnDeck Australia,   Mar 28, 2022

OnDeck helps Swan Pools keep up with demand for swimming pool supplies


Swan Pools is a Western Australian, family-owned and operated company that has enjoyed a purple patch of business over the last couple of years as international border closures encouraged more cashed-up WA homeowners to invest in inground swimming pools. 


Established in 1978, Swan Pools supplies pool chemicals and pool accessories such as pumps, salt chlorinators, sanitisers, filter media cleaners, plus pool and spa heating and lighting for swimming pools in the Swan and Central Wheatbelt regions of WA.


According to owner Mike Watts, Swan Pools, based in Midland, about 20 kilometres northeast of the Perth CBD, also provides a range of convenient in-store services for pool and spa owners, from water testing, competent advice on pool and spa repairs, and filtration problem-solving. “We have been in business for 44 years because we are straightforward and honest with our customers. If we make a mistake with a repair or a spare part, we make amends and fix the problem,” said Mike. 


He adds, “If a customer wants an opinion about a problem with their pool, we shoot from the hip and provide them with honest advice.”


COVID impact on the swimming pool industry


While some business sectors experienced significant challenges over the past two years, the swimming pool industry in Western Australia has gone from strength to strength. Mike explained, “When COVID hit, people couldn’t travel, so they spent money on rebuilding their back gardens, which included adding a pool.


“Ever since, the pool industry is going great guns. The more pools put into the ground, the more customers I get. So, happy, happy times for us.”


Working with OnDeck is a breeze


In December 2019, Mike saw some advertisements that prompted him to reach out to OnDeck. “I was across the early reports about the COVID virus and thought, ‘this is going to be an interesting period’. 


The shrewd business owner realised he could go to the bank for finance if the virus caused issues for business continuity. “However, I’d basically need to sell them my child to get funding and give them all my business details and still be refused finance because they’re stuffy.” Mike said. “I remembered the advertisement and contacted OnDeck, and the application process was such a breeze. I couldn’t believe all I had to do was upload our bank details and provide a company trust deed, and they’d consider my application. 


“The funds came through quickly, and it was reassuring to have the money if lockdowns occurred, and we couldn’t pay our staff. It worked very well for me.” 


Repeat business is a beautiful experience 


Fast-forward to March 2022, and the strategic Mike decided that he would stock up at the end of the 2021/22 swimming season rather than waiting for spring. “We also needed a new roller door for the store as the existing one needed replacing,” he said.


“So, I thought I’d throw my business OnDeck’s way again as their terms and accessibility is great, and I went for it. They looked after me again. The money is in the bank, the roller door is being replaced, and away we go.”


Mike added, “Once again, compared to getting finance from the Big for banks, OnDeck’s application, approval and funding processes are speedy.”


The experienced small business owner, who puts the longevity of Swan Pool down to its consistent customer service and transparency, is delighted to recommend OnDeck to other small businesses. “The ease of dealing with OnDeck and its people is seamless. There are none of the countless meetings you have when seeking finance from a bank,” Mike said.


“With OnDeck, it’s all straightforward with most of the communication by email with just a couple of phone calls to clarify any information. The lack of red tape makes working with OnDeck a beautiful experience.”


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