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Beanbags offer working from home bliss

by OnDeck Australia,   Jun 19, 2022

Unlike bell-bottom jeans, safari suits and KB Lager, the beanbag ever-present in many Aussie lounge rooms in the 1970s has enjoyed a substantial comeback in the early months of 2020 because of COVID-19. 


In a case of what is old is new again, Australian manufacturer Bliss Beanbags is riding a new wave of homeowner demand for what is essentially a large cushion filled with polystyrene beads.


While the iconic teardrop bag is still fashionable 50 years after first appearing in Australian homes, now households can choose from a broad range of designer bags. Bliss, for example, offers beanbags shaped as ottomans, single and double sofas, chaise lounges, footstools, single and double beds, and even poufs for the family pooch.


Dean Roller, the owner of Bliss Beanbags, says, COVID-19 created new markets for beanbags. “I posted a blog on our website about working from home beanbags in March. This post grabbed plenty of views and sales took off,” said Roller, whose firm also supplies beanbags to MYOB, Google, Pfizer and LinkedIn, as well as many Australian universities, hospitals and even Australia’s sporting Mecca, the Melbourne Cricket Ground.


“With people ditching the suits and stilettos for the comfort of track pants and slippers, buying a beanbag is an extension of more relaxed working from home rituals that have appeared in the wake of COVID-19,” reasons Roller. “The vibe seems to be about working in comfort in a home office, which helps explain the interest in beanbags.”


The most important features to look for when choosing an office bean bag is that it is relaxing and comfortable, advises Roller. “It should provide strong back, neck and head support and be easy to get in and out from, which means a higher sitting beanbag.”


A regular office chair is around 45-47 centimetres from the floor, advises Roller. “We offer a grand lounger and an ottoman that are around 40 cm high, which is close to the average desk chair, and makes them easy to get up from after a session on the laptop.”


To add an Australian-made, made to order beanbag to your home office, contact Bliss Beanbags on (02) 8011 3885 or visit

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