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OnDeck Australia ranks among Australia’s Top 40 “Best Places to Work”

by OnDeck Australia,   Aug 20, 2021

Amid a very challenging time for many of us in small business, I’m excited to announce some good news that OnDeck Australia has been recognised as one of Australia’s 40 “Best Workplaces” by research and consulting firm WRK + who curate the annual Great Place to Work Study.


OnDeck now has the highest designation available as one of the nations “Best Places to Work” and is one of only two Fintech companies included among the Top 40 employers.


The results confirm our ongoing commitment to creating a workplace with strong values and engaged team members with high scores across leadership, culture, inclusion, and employee commitment. Additionally, almost nine out of ten OnDeck employees say they were made to feel welcome on joining OnDeck.


Empowering Australian small businesses


OnDeck has always aimed to empower Australian small businesses to grow. We know our support for small business starts by having a team that is highly engaged and driven to win, which also happens to be one of our company values. Our amazing team continues to go from strength to strength.


Since our launch in Australia, creating an engaging workplace as we scaled our business has always been a strategic business priority. Our Executive and front-line managers show up every day through the good times and tough times to create a great place to work for our team members, and great outcomes for our customers. Our rating as one of the nation’s Best Places to Work highlights the value we place on our team at OnDeck.


Importantly, we have been able to improve our rating, by moving from a Great Place to Work in 2019 to one of Australia’s Best Places to Work in 2021. To achieve the highest possible recognition despite the disruption of the pandemic highlights our focus on, and investment in, our people.


Nurturing staff engagement to create outstanding customer outcomes


OnDeck places significant priority on achieving a high level of employee engagement.


This engagement is achieved by transparent communication, living our values, a strong emphasis on comradery and leadership that genuinely cares about our people.


Our high levels of staff engagement also help us deliver an outstanding customer experience backed by great customer outcomes, and this is reflected in OnDeck’s 4.8 out of 5 Trustpilot rating.


During COVID lockdowns, OnDeck maintained its team spirit and employee engagement through a variety of virtual get-togethers that included fun exercise sessions and trivia nights.


Fostering innovation


A key contributor to OnDeck’s certification as one of Australia’s Best Places to Work is the company’s innovative use of technology. This was highlighted by OnDeck’s 2021 launch of The KOALA Score™, an inhouse developed, bespoke credit assessment algorithm, which has underpinned product innovations such as Lightning Loans that can deliver funds to small businesses in as fast as two hours.


For Millennial professionals in particular, the smart use of technology is often the deciding factor that makes a company attractive to work for.


OnDeck absolutely delivers on this score. Our newly launched Lightning Loans harness the power of technology to deliver an accelerated service to small businesses and our broker partners, with turnaround times believed to be the fastest in the market. It is extremely exciting, and rewarding, to be part of a company that is maximising the possibilities of new technology.


A passion for small business that starts at the top


As a small business lender, OnDeck employees share a passion for helping small businesses achieve their goals. This enthusiasm and commitment starts at the top of the business.


Our people are hand-selected for their knowledge of, and passion for, small business, and we actively nurture a high level of employee engagement.


Winning awards attracts recruits


The Australian employment landscape is more competitive than it has ever been. Already, around 60% of new recruits to OnDeck comment that they were attracted to us because of our former certification as a Great Place to Work.


I’m also delighted that this accolade acknowledges the enthusiasm and hard work of the entire team at OnDeck. We also recognise that achieving this ranking will attract high-quality talent to our business who now know without a doubt they could potentially be working for one of Australia’s best companies.


Cameron Poolman, CEO OnDeck


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