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Cafe Business Loans
Guides and resources for cafe business loans

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How can OnDeck Help?


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With loans from $10,000 - $250,000 over 6-24 month terms, we work with you to understand what best suits your needs

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What life stage is your cafe business in?

OnDeck has specialised business guides and tips for every stage of your business.

Have a look below to see if your industry is listed.


Learning the ropes and honing your business owner skills 

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Establishing yourself

Making a name for yourself and cementing yourself as a successful business owner

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Re-Invention and Evolution

Evolving as a business to newer and better heights

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My experience with OnDeck people was excellent. Very professional and quick. My approval was made on the same day. And money on my account next day. Definitely I will recommend if you need same money to put in to your business. Thanks

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Cafe Loan Frequently Asked Questions

There isn’t much Australians love more than good coffee. Specialty coffee in a well trafficked area could very well be a good investment.

Banks or lending institutions provide café loans – each one is different though, so thoroughly research the different institutions, loan types and requirements to find the right fit for you. You can find our qualification requirements here for a quick and easy café loan.

Get a good handle on the finances, create a strong brand and market effectively to your ideal customer, and invest in all aspects of your business (equipment, people, and POS/inventory systems).

Strong marketing strategies can effectively bring in new customers through a variety of channels (e.g. online, offline and on-premises). Here are a few marketing hacks to fill your café.

Improving backend efficiency, such as invoice payment and improving cash flow, is one way to make your coffee shop more efficient. Listening to feedback from customers and employees can show you more specific areas needing improvement. POS systems, the quality of food and service, cleanliness, etc. are all things to focus on if there are recurring complaints.

Use the right POS systems to keep track of sales, invoices, payments and inventory. Get a good manager and hire experienced staff. Consistently delivery fantastic customer experience (service, products, atmosphere).

Start by coming up with a business plan, which includes identifying how much capital you need. Once you’ve figured out the resources needed, the next step for most new business owners is to apply for a loan to help with the funding.

This depends on your coffee shop location, the equipment you purchase, and your staff. It could range anywhere from $25,000 to $300,000.

The exact license requirements vary by state; however, typical licenses and permits include general business licenses, food handling permits and a music license.

Major risks include picking a bad location or signing a lease that isn’t the right fit. Hiring the wrong people, poorly designing space layout (especially for your baristas), and not investing in the right equipment can also be detrimental in opening a coffee shop. Knowing the challenges of running a café upfront can help you avoid unnecessary risk.

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