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OnDeck ensures no financial loose tiles for Kimmo

by OnDeck Australia,   Jun 20, 2022

OnDeck ensures no financial loose tiles for Kimmo


South Bank-based tiling specialist K. S Tiling Pty Limited has decked out the bathrooms and kitchens of some of Melbourne’s most luxurious houses since 2003.


Led by its owner Kimmo Siljander, KS Tiling specialises in tiling the magnificent residences of Toorak, South Yarra, Brighton, and Hawthorn.


But when months of lockdowns struck the Victorian capital, even a well-established business such as K. S Tiling suffered cashflow challenges.


Before launching KS Tiling, Kimmo, who started his trade in his country of birth, Finland, said he and his team couldn’t access their client’s homes throughout the lockdowns.


“We couldn’t get homes to work, yet I still needed to pay bills such as employees’ wages and other benefits. So, money got lower and lower, and at that point, I got in touch with OnDeck to help see me through,” Kimmo said.


Fortuitously, Kimmo, who also plied his tiling trade in Northern Ireland and Scotland, first reached out to OnDeck for cash flow support just before the pandemic clobbered his cash flow. “It was the holiday season of late 2019, and some of the builders I worked with hadn’t paid their invoices. I didn’t have money to pay wages and holiday loading.


“Therefore, having a history with OnDeck when the lockdowns struck made it easy for me to reach out and access some extra funds fast to stay afloat and pay my staff.”


Fast forward to 2022, and the tiling business is operating on all cylinders, noted Kimmo, who also describes working with OnDeck as a “beautiful experience.”


Fast loan renewal for invoicing gap


The experienced tiler, who recently renewed his loan with OnDeck again, said he was surprised by how fast and easy it is to take out loans.


In May, Kimmo renewed his loan with OnDeck to fill an invoicing gap yet again.


“The loan is approved, the money was paid into my account very quickly, and the interest charge is reasonable.”


Kimmo concludes, “Also, OnDeck’s customer service is excellent. There is never any hard sell.”


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