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Embrace timeless elegance with Mother of Pearl & Sons, a haven of designer architectural hardware, supported by OnDeck.

by OnDeck Australia,   Jun 06, 2023

In a world where mass-produced products reign supreme, there is an undeniable allure in immersing oneself in the realm of Mother of Pearl & Sons. As a specialist in architectural, kitchen and joinery hardware, they offer a truly enchanting experience. It is worth noting that the retailer is also a longstanding client of OnDeck Australia.


Nestled within the heart of Inner Sydney in Waterloo, Mother of Pearl & Sons has an unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship, while offering a wide range of exquisite hardware solutions to high-end architectural and joinery projects.


At Mother of Pearls and Son, you’ll discover an extensive selection of meticulously sourced architectural hardware that embodies both style and functionality. From architectural door hardware to joinery and cabinet handles and knobs, each piece is thoughtfully curated to bring a touch of style and sophistication to your space.


With their deep understanding of the industry, the team at Mother of Pearls and Sons, led by owner Carl Sriber, is dedicated to providing exceptional service and expert advice.


Whether you’re a homeowner embarking on a new build, renovation or new kitchen renovation, or a professional designer working on a joinery project, the knowledgeable staff at Mother of Pearls and Sons will assist you in finding the perfect hardware to complement your vision.


Carl’s journey with OnDeck

Carl has been a dedicated customer of OnDeck, and he recently chose our services for the seventh time to secure a loan.


Back in 2017, Carl’s journey with OnDeck began when he received a direct outbound call from one of our team members. Since then, he has been a loyal customer, utilising a total loan amount of $735,000. His continued patronage and substantial loan history have made him a highly valued customer at OnDeck.

Carl Scribner, Owner of Mother of Pearl & Sons


With his most recent loan, which was handled by Dom Richardson from OnDeck’s renewals team Carl secured $125,000 over a 12-month period.


With the funding he received, Carl is successfully facilitating the relocation of his high-end hardware retailer to a new, impressive showroom located at ‘The Vines’ at 24-30 Wellington Street Waterloo, which is just around the corner from their former premises, in Young Street, Waterloo. Trading from the new site of Mother of Pearl & Sons is set to begin in mid-July 2023.


According to Carl, this strategic move will result in significant cost savings, amounting to $200,000 per year in rental expense savings.

In addition, Carl strategically allocated a portion of the financing he obtained from OnDeck towards fitting out the new showroom and implementing new growth marketing promotions, such as a new website and social media campaign. This proactive step will contribute to further strengthening his business and expanding its reach.


Navigating turbulent times seamlessly

When asked about the impact of the current economic climate on his business, Carl confidently stated: “Nothing has changed for me – my typical customers are generally quite wealthy and do not feel the stresses of this environment.


“High value architecture, demands thoughtfully considered detail, and this is where we come in.”


As an example, Carl mentioned a recent sale of over $100,000 worth of door furniture originating in France to a customer based in Sydney.


Carl expressed his utmost satisfaction with Dom’s service and praised OnDeck for their “simple and efficient” loan application process. Their seamless support has left a lasting impression on him and solidified his trust in the company.


Indulge in the exquisite collection of architectural hardware at Mother of Pearl & Sons. Experience the charm first-hand by visiting their showroom conveniently located at 28/198-222 Young St, Waterloo (until mid-July). Alternatively, explore their thoughtfully curated selection online at



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