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Business loans from $10,000 to $250,000

by OnDeck Australia,   Jul 12, 2022

Business loans from $10,000 to $250,000


Supporting the growing number of women business owners throughout Australia

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of women-owned businesses has grown by 46% over the last two decades, and 13% of Australia’s employed women are now their own bosses. 


The increasing number of women in business can only mean good news for the health and diversity of Australia’s business landscape. On their business journey, many female business owners will eventually seek additional funding to support and invest in the future growth of their business, and that’s where we come in.


Since launching in Australia in 2015, OnDeck has helped thousands of Australian businesses across over 700+ industries, many owned by brilliant female entrepreneurs, get the funding they need.


OnDeck’s business loans for women

OnDeck’s fast, fair, and flexible small business loans are the perfect way for female entrepreneurs to obtain the injection of cash their business needs. With business finance available for any amount between $10,000 to $250,000, OnDeck can provide the capital needed to help women-owned businesses continue to grow and thrive.


  • Loan amounts available from $10,000 to $250,000
  • Repayment periods range from 6 months to 24 months and can be made in weekly repayments
  • Fast application process with minimum documentation required
  • Get funded in as fast as 2 hours


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Serving the industries where women do business

OnDeck offers efficient access to capital across over 700+ industries where women entrepreneurs are making their mark. From retail, digital, marketing to hospitality and beauty, OnDeck helps all manner of women-owned businesses get short-term financial relief or funds to help them grow and expand.


Learn more about the industries we serve.


Success stories from women-owned businesses

Whether you’re relocating your office space, expanding your staff, purchasing new equipment or taking advantage of a time-sensitive investment opportunity, OnDeck can help you make it happen. 


But don’t just take our word for it; hear some of our success stories from female business leaders who have benefited from OnDeck’s business loans.



Success Story: Ahmaya Skin Health + Body Harmony –

Success Story: Sprintlane – 


OnDeck’s business loans for women – are you eligible?

At OnDeck, we don’t believe in making small business owners jump through unnecessary hoops to get the capital they require. Our basic eligibility requirements open up our business loans for women across a wide range of industries who need extra capital.


If your business has a steady income, meets our basic eligibility requirements, and can comfortably make repayments on time, you may be be eligible for business financing from OnDeck.


Eligibility requirements

  • Minimum $100,000 gross annual turnover
  • Minimum 1 year in business
  • No bankruptcy (prior or recent)
  • Minimum 400 business credit score


Unsure what your business credit score is? Check it for FREE with OnDeck – don’t worry; our credit score checker won’t leave any hard inquiries on your credit report.


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What documents do I need to provide?

Our minimum documentation requirements mean that you can apply for a business loan in minutes.


  • At a minimum, we need  6 months of recent business bank statements.


Because we assess each application on a case by case basis, we may also ask for some further details about your business’s financial situation. 


  • We will typically ask for a balance sheet that details your current assets and liabilities and your regular income and expenses. 


This will help us ensure that we can provide you with the right business loan for your needs.


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Why OnDeck?

As a non-bank online lender, OnDeck can provide small business loans for women with greater freedom and flexibility than traditional lenders like banks and credit unions.


  • Rates and fees – Because OnDeck is a privately owned institution, we can freely adjust our rates and fees to remain competitive.
  • Quick and easy applications – Anyone who’s tried to get a business loan through a bank knows how extensive their application requirements can be. With OnDeck, you can enjoy a streamlined application process that gets you the funds you need in less time.
  • Flexible eligibility criteria – Compared to traditional lenders, OnDeck’s eligibility criteria are far more flexible, allowing more women-owned small businesses to access business financing.
  • Customer service – Because we’re focused solely on business finance, we can dedicate our customer service team to helping our customers with whatever questions they have.

Business loans for women frequently asked questions


What can OnDeck’s small business loans be used for?

You can use OnDeck’s small business loans to support your business in a wide variety of ways. This could include helping you to consolidate debt, paying for new equipment or inventory, paying for a marketing consultant to help you reach new customers, or even just as general working capital to help you get through a difficult period.


How quickly can I get funded?

If approved for a loan, you could get the money in your account in as fast as 2 hours after submitting your application.


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