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Throwing the kitchen sink at COVID-19



Since Australia went into lockdown in March, we’ve been able to showcase many inspiring stories about small businesses pivoting their way through COVID-19. But we might have just uncovered the sweetest story of all.


Terrigal Ice Creamery’s famous dessert, ‘The Sink’.

A mainstay of the busy Central Coast holiday strip of Terrigal since the 1980s, Terrigal Ice Creamery is famous for The Sink, a mix of ice creams, desserts and toppings served in a kitchen sink[i].


However, when social distancing and lockdowns took effect in March, owner, David Harris, was forced to think outside of the box to stay afloat.


Traditionally an over-the-counter business, Harris quickly decided home delivery could help his ice creamery maintain its cashflow. He secured a commercial esky and used his van to deliver his delicious desserts to sweet tooths across the Central Coast. “We have a good refrigerator that keeps our ice cream rock hard and ensures a quality product when we arrive at our customers front doors,” Harris said.

New product success


Harris also decided he needed to expand his 60-strong ice creams, gelatos and sorbet range as part of his COVID-19 response. This menu expansion included the introduction of six-packs, six scoops of premium ice cream in one container and ice-cream cakes, which quickly became the ice creamery’s best-selling product.


“When we launched into deliveries, it was just a way to make sure that we could pay our lease, but now we have some new products that are helping us attract new business,” Harris commented.


“I love over-the-counter sales, but the delivery business is a new channel for us, and we will continue it particularly given the demand for ice cream cakes.


“Restrictions were initially brutal, but with some trial and error, we were worked through it and have been able to keep the lights on.”


Rainbow ice cream cake of dreams!


David Harris’s tips for business success:


  1. Keep working and never give up – we kept taking the ice cream to the community, and it’s worked out for the best.
  2. Try new things – we had offered ice cream cakes in the past, but they had never been a best seller until we delivered them to our customer’s homes.
  3. Social media can attract new customers – we relied on social media heavily through the lockdown, and we now have new over-the-counter customers because they saw our posts on Facebook and Instagram.