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Outdoor event company stages innovative
hack to outlast COVID-19


Jeremy Fleming, co-founder and managing director of Sydney-based outdoor-event-staging company Stagekings, knew the writing was on the wall for his business.


In the space of 48 hours his firm’s entire income for the remainder of 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19.


The staging company creates large-scale themed stages, decorated structures and creative design for music festivals, and significant outdoor and corporate events. Fleming explains, “We usually work with an amazing team of scaffolders, carpenters, designers, support staff and labourers.


“Together we specialise in structures for music and arts festivals such as Ultra Sydney, corporate and sporting events such as The Commonwealth Games, Ninja Warrior and many more.”


But rather than accepting his company was heading to the wall, Fleming and his partners, who include his wife Tabitha and production manager Mick Jessop, pivoted into manufacturing work-from-desks. 


The production shift followed a suggestion from a friend that Stagekings should redeploy its CNC Router for new purposes such as desks. The router is a computer-controlled cutting machine that can slice through hard materials, such as wood, composites, aluminium, steel, plastics, and foams.


The idea made sense to Fleming as Stagekings employs tradespeople with the knowledge and skill to redeploy the router. At the same time, “We also now have entire companies and industries working from home in isolation. So, we have decided to produce work-from-home desks.” In quick time, the IsoKing desk was launched.


“Not only will the production of the desks keep a number of our good crew off the street, but we’ll also be donating $10 from every sale to Support Act, an emergency appeal established to support music workers impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic.”


Fleming concedes the “why” has changed for Stagekings because of COVID-19. However, the MD remains philosophical: 


 “If we can keep a few people in work, and a few more people productive at home during this crazy time, then we’re happy with that for now.”

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The original IsoKing Desk