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We’re committed to improving transparency in small business lending


The SMART Box™ is an innovative solution to improve transparency and protect small business owners looking for external financing.



SMART Box™: A Loan Comparison Tool


In your search for finance, it’s likely you’ve been comparing your options across multiple lenders. When comparing prices, how often have you been left confused by the different pricing metrics offered by each lender? One lender uses the metric Annual Percentage Rate (APR) to express the price, the other focuses on Cents on the Dollar (CoD), while another uses Factor Rate to explain the cost of the loan. This makes it complicated to work out which is your most viable option.

SMART Box™, which stands for ‘Straightforward Metrics Around Rate and Total Cost’, is a tool that provides borrowers with accurate information to make better decisions when it comes to external financing for your business. In an easy-to-read format and in plain English, the SMART Box™ is a pricing comparison tool that will help you compare the cost of short term loans, providing a level of transparency for small business borrowers in Australia that is not currently offered by traditional lenders.


The SMART Box™ aims to clear-up the confusion associated with different pricing metrics. The SMART Box™ provides you with your loan amount, disbursement amount and total repayment amount, as well as the term of the loan expressed in months. The cost of your loan is expressed using different metrics, meaning you can easily compare your loan product options on an “apples-to-apples” basis. These pricing metrics include:


 To view a copy of the SMART Box™, click here.