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One in three small businesses need more stock to navigate the end of lockdowns

by OnDeck Australia,   Nov 16, 2021

OnDeck urges small businesses to address cashflow needs early to avoid being caught short on stock over the summer trading season.


  • Less than half (49%) of Australia’s small businesses say they have adequate trading stock in place to meet post-lockdown demand – a figure that falls to 41% of small businesses in Victoria.
  • One-third (33%) of small businesses – rising to 42% in Victoria, say they need to re-order additional inventory post-lockdown, yet 44% of small businesses say lockdowns have negatively impacted cashflow.
  • As global supply chains are impacted by the pandemic, businesses that take proactive steps to boost cashflow are better-placed to seek alternative suppliers.


Sydney (16/11/2021): Research by leading online small business lender OnDeck Australia, confirms that fewer than half (49%) of Australia’s small businesses have the trading stock in place to make the most of the end of lockdowns. 


One in three (33%) small businesses need to order additional stock following the lifting of lockdowns. This figure rises to over two out of five (42%) small businesses in Victoria. However, 44% of small business say their cashflow has suffered as a result of lockdowns.


Mr Nick Reily, National Partnerships Manager at OnDeck Australia, said, “Cashflow plays a critical role for small businesses in the re-stocking process, and there can be opportunities to secure discounts with early payment.


“However, we know the pandemic has resulted in significant disruption to global supply chains. So, right now, it’s not always about having cashflow in place to save on costs. 


“Today, businesses need to be able to act fast, and order stock well in advance given possible delays in procurement. When businesses have appropriate cashflow funding in place, they are in a strong position to have conversations with alternative suppliers if their regular supplier cannot have stock to them on time.”


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“It is critical for small businesses to act early to have the necessary cashflow in place. This is a practice that likely needs to extend well beyond the end of lockdowns – and the festive season. The shock that COVID-19 has delivered to global supply chains will take time to resolve,” said Mr Reily.


“Lightning Loans give small businesses the cashflow funding they need without delay, and this can be the lynchpin to meet restocking needs and allow a small business the opportunity to make the most of lockdowns lifting,” concluded Mr Reily


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