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Event company zooms into online social and corporate experiences


Daniel Udall at the virtual event studio


With ‘in-person’ events currently suspended, Australian event planning company OzParty Events has launched an innovative suite of virtual team building activities to provide ways for remote workers to socially connect.


Online team-building experiences use Zoom video conferencing, while OzParty Events, which poignantly launched in 2009 during the GFC, is creating employment opportunities for local artists, performers and speakers.


Teams can meet online from the comfort of their home offices with creative talent to enjoy a broad range of events from cocktail classes, to nostalgic TV game show experiences, and training sessions.


OzParty Events Founder, Daniel Udall, said, “It’s our way of positively responding to the Australian mass gathering ban, which has effectively shelved all of our in-person corporate and social events for the foreseeable future.”

Recognised as one of Sydney’s leading planning companies, Udall doesn’t see OzParty Event’s move to virtual services as ‘a stopgap solution’. “We believe that the need for virtual experiences and online team building will only continue to grow post-COVID-19. It’s revolutionised our company mindset and range of event services.”


Daniel Udall said there were four steps involved in making the pivot into virtual events:


  1. We identified how we would harness our experience and expertise in our industry, in purposeful and productive ways.
  2. We outlined how we would use our existing platforms, processes and software to meet our client’s changing needs (i.e. connecting with their team or friends/family while in isolation.)
  3. We established how we would continue employing our current team by adapting their roles based on their unique strengths.
  4. We outlined how we would support our existing partnerships and local talent, who are feeling the financial hit just as much as the larger corporations.


And his advice for other small business owners who may be finding themselves in a similar position?


“During a time of such turmoil, mindset is more important than ever.


Because whatever your business and whatever the circumstances, you’re never without options. You will always have the ability to adapt and evolve, to pivot and implement different ways for your business to thrive.


When I say pivot I don’t necessarily mean reinventing your business in a brand new sector. I mean innovating and redefining the space you’re occupying right now. Rethinking how your current products or services can be adapted to meet your market and consumers changing needs.


Because all of us are in this together. Whether in our personal or professional lives, we’re all now experiencing new needs and demands.


But it’s going to be the business leaders who step up to the challenge, who look for ways to create resourceful solutions to meet these unfamiliar demands, who are going to really thrive and continue to lead energised and focused teams. 

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The OzParty Team