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MVSN leverages new technology to stay connected


Research by OnDeck shows that few small businesses remain untouched by the Coronavirus pandemic, with 81% saying they have been impacted in some way. In times like the present, it pays to think differently, and if social distancing prevents customers coming to your business event, new technology can make it possible to take your business to your target market.


COVID-19 has made life tough for businesses that rely on large gatherings. This includes sporting events that demand the combined presence of judges, competitors, and of course, spectators.


However, a new streaming service from small business, MVSN TV, is allowing event organisers to go ahead with sporting spectacles while meeting social distancing and even lockdown requirements.


MVSN leverages exciting new ‘multi-vision’ streaming technology that delivers a very immersive experience for viewers. As Steve Lewis, Director of Strategy at MVSN TV explains, “Unlike traditional streaming services, MVSN lets viewers select what they want to see – when they want to see it. Viewers can switch from the main action to see what’s happening backstage, or even take a virtual seat on the coaching bench. It’s about creating a broadcast that people want to watch.”


MVSN has been in development for the past two years. Following the successful proof of concept events in sailing, combat sports and basketball, MVSN has quickly earned the attention of sports and entertainment brands world-wide. And it couldn’t have arrived at a better time. With travel restrictions in place, and spectators not allowed to attend events, businesses that host sporting events are facing challenges that few could have foreseen, let alone planned for, as little as 12 months ago.



Allowing sporting events to continue


What is especially important about MVSN in the current environment, is that it lets minor sporting leagues stay engaged with their audience, even when the audience can’t physically be there.


One sporting enterprise that has been quick to take up the opportunity offered by MVSN is Allstar Alliance. The company is using the technology to bring together athletes, judges and spectators from around the world to take part in its upcoming Fitness Challenge, a cross-fit competition being held entirely online on 28 August 2020.


Allstar Alliance are gym and equipment brand owners, so this type of event allows the brand to remain top of mind, and keep merchandise ticking over, even when consumers can’t physically visit a venue or event.



Exploring new opportunities


COVID-19 is making it critical for SMEs to think ‘outside the square’, and leveraging new technology pays a key role in this. But it can also involve a change in mindset.


As Steve explains, “In the US, the concept of sport as family entertainment is much more entrenched than in Australia. But when event organisers have the right technology in place, they can offer a viewing experience that appeals to a far larger audience than just the afficionados. The key is to go beyond a single stream feed and make the event exciting to watch.”


“Businesses engaged in minor sports can really go hard to build profiles out of players, sell merchandise and grow sponsorship – even during COVID-19,” says Steve. “And it’s not just for the sake of the audience engagement. It’s also important not to detach from sponsors. The immersive experience delivered by MVSN technology ticks all those boxes.”


As Steve points out, the technology used by MVSN is not limited to sporting competitions. The company is also looking into music events and even virtual tourism. It could be the solution that lets SMEs stay connected and relevant to their target market even when it’s not possible to hold an event in the traditional way.



To find out more about the value of multi-vision streaming for your next event, contact Steve at MVSN on 0488 088 859.





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