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Looking for a line of credit?

                             Use a short term business loan


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unsecured business loans

Unsecured Business Loans

OnDeck doesn't take security over your assets, however we do require a personal guarantee.

fast business loans

Apply online in 10 minutes

The application is fast and easy, and there is no obligation to take a loan.

Receive funding fast

If you're approved for a loan, funds can be available in as fast as one business day.

What could you do with an OnDeck short term business loan?

Looking for a line of credit? Alternatively, you could use an OnDeck short term business loan to:

  • Cover day-to-day expenses – such as paying suppliers, meeting payroll
  • Purchase more inventory – and allow you to take advantage of special deals when they are available
  • Buy, upgrade or repair equipment to help your operations
  • Hire extra employees


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We can support you with a business loan

from $10,000 to $250,000


 6-24 month terms

  Flexible terms include weekly and daily automatic payment options.


 2.5% of loan amount

Set up fee covers the cost of servicing and processing your loan.


 Grow and invest in your business

Put your short term business loan to use immediately, with funding in as fast as one business day.


unsecured business loans Loyalty discounts upon renewal

You could be eligible to apply for renewal once you’re 45% paid down.

If approved, OnDeck will halve your origination fee, as well as other benefits.




Do you qualify for an OnDeck small business loan?


Much like a Line of Credit, a short term business loan can help increase your working capital – and can be put to use immediately. 


OnDeck reviews applications for businesses that have been in business for at least 1 year.

Minimum gross annual turnover is $100,000.

We serve over 700 industries. To see those we do not serve, click here.


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