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Yoga firm stretches the online limits


Jamie Laird, founder and teacher at Kiin Yoga



In a sign of the times, Sydney-based SME Kiin Yoga has taken its downward dogs online in response to COVID-19 isolation measures.


The yoga company is offering two live-streamed classes each day, five days a week.


Since launching in 2018, Kiin Yoga has been providing in-person yoga classes to corporate groups, said founder Jaime Laird. “Kiin Yoga has always been about partnering with people and businesses to support health and build community. This mission has never been more important than in the current environment.


Laird continues, “Yoga is an exercise tool that aims to release stress and bring balance to our days.”


With the recent disruption to the work and personal lives of her clients, Kiin Yoga has moved all classes online through Zoom. Daily live-streamed classes are now running on a donation basis, according to Laird, “so that everyone can continue to support their physical and mental health, no matter what else is going on.”

Jaime Laird’s advice to business owners navigating through the troubled waters of COVID-19:


  1. Reach out to people for support. You’re not expected to know precisely what you’re doing here. Get help from wherever you can. 
  2. You’re not expected to be perfectly positive, motivated and gracious all the time. Forgive yourself for not doing this perfectly.
  3. Act now, then iterate and improve. Be open and transparent with your clients as you make tweaks and changes to your offering.