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Road Freight Transport Businesses 

There’s no doubt that road freight services are an integral part of the Australian economy. Having products and raw materials moved safely and efficiently from one place to another is something that thousands of businesses rely on every single day.

Due to Australia’s sheer size, and an underdeveloped rail transport network, road freight is even more important here than it is in other countries. In Australia, many of the goods that would typically be transported via rail in other countries are instead taken by long trucking vehicles known as road trains.

Because the road freight industry serves nearly every part of the wider economy, growth in this sector is indicative of overall economic growth nationwide. In the reverse, wider economic issues can acutely impact road freight businesses, with COVID-19 being the most recent example.

The industry is increasingly moving towards greater automation as driverless technologies become more sophisticated. If you want to start a new road freight transport business, you should consider a strategy to take advantage of new technologies and structure your organisation around them.

Road freight businesses need to comply with a series of regulations governing the use of heavy vehicles, the securing of cargo, the management of driver fatigue, and more. If you’re eager to get started but need a way of securing facilities, equipment, or truck finance, speak to our team about our transport loans.

Road Freight Transport Businesses in Australia – the Statistics

As of 2021, there are over 44,000 businesses in Australia’s road freight transport industry [i]


83.1 billion ton kilometres of bulk freight was transported on Australian roads during the 2020 financial year [iii]


As of March 2018, the gross added value (GVA) of the Australian road transport industry was $6.2 billion[ii]



As of 2021, the market size of the Road Freight Transport is $46.6 billion [iv]

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