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Premium instrument retailer makes music online


With forced government closures of retail business across Australia, COVID-19 is squeezing many SMEs from restaurants and cafes to music retailers.


But rather than settling for commercial hibernation, high-end musical instrument retailer Flutes & Flutists has adapted their business model and secured additional finance from OnDeck to shift its operations online. 


Appointment only, no walk-ins to minimise risk


Flutes and Flutists, which opened its doors in 2008 on busy Sailors Bay Road, Northbridge, on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, has built a loyal customer base and gained a reputation for selling premium instruments, as well as accessories, books, sheet music and preowned flutes and piccolos.


Artist-in-Residence at Flutes and Flutists, Mark Xiao said, “We are going to continue with our regular shop hours and services, but all visitors must make an appointment, and we will make sure that no more than three visitors are in the shop at any one time. 


“We have always preferred and mostly operated by appointments in the past, in order to deliver the best possible service and give our customers the attention they deserve, but current events have made it a necessity.”


Hitting a high note with OnDeck


Xiao believes that “where there is a challenge, there is also an opportunity for growth and exploration.”


And Flutes and Flutists has responded to the impact of COVID-19 quickly by moving its operations online. Xiao explains, “Many teachers are now offering lessons over Skype or Zoom, which is uncharted waters for many. 


“We have also started utilising this technology to help facilitate with the trialling and purchasing of instruments. For those who request it, we will be sending out instruments directly to them for trial at no extra charge and then providing advice through video chat.”



To help you keep making music at home, visit Flutes and Flutists online at