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Small business loans from $10,000 to $250,000

Small business loans from $10,000 to $250,000

Get the funds your business needs at lightning speed through our professional and streamlined service.

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Ready to do more with your business?

At OnDeck, we love to help Australian small businesses move forward and we're here for you now more than ever. We're Australia's leading online lender with over 14 years global experience, so we know what you need from your financing. We can help with fast, flexible funding to keep you on the move.

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    Loans from $10,000 to $250,000

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    Terms ranging from 6 to 24 months

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    Funding in as fast as 2 hours

Does your business qualify?

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    Minimum 1 year in business

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    Minimum $100,000 gross annual turnover

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    No bankruptcy (prior or recent)

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    Minimum 400 business credit score

Great you're eligible! Here's how it works:

Online Application

Complete a quick and easy application - it only takes a few minutes

Loans as fast as 2 hours

Our lightning loans up to $175k can be funded in as fast as 2 hours - simply provide 6 months bank statements

$250k in a day!

More complex loans of up to $250k can be completed in as fast as 1 business day

Dedicated support

A dedicated Australia-based Loan Specialist will be in touch to help process your application

Expert Insights On Your Business Financing Options

At OnDeck, we know how challenging and time-consuming it can be to figure out and apply for small business financing. This is why we’re dedicated to addressing your SME financing needs with our quick business loans. With OnDeck’s loan offerings, your days of searching for easy approval loans are over.


Championing business dreams


We resonate deeply with the entrepreneurial spirit that drives small businesses. At OnDeck, we recognise the unique challenges and triumphs of building a business from the ground up. Our approach is built on a foundation of empathy and support, which is why we make accessing funds as seamless as possible, so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.


Offering unsecured loans


We don’t require any collateral for your loans. With our unsecured business loans, you can keep your personal property secure even in the face of financial hurdles. The lack of collateral requirements opens the door wider for business owners, providing a swift and straightforward path to obtaining the funds needed without the burden of asset evaluation.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How does business financing work?


Business financing is how businesses fund plans to scale, innovate, or sustain operations. It encompasses a range of financial solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses, ensuring they have the necessary capital investment for growth and success.


At OnDeck, we know how important securing funding is when it comes to fulfilling your business dreams. That’s why we’ve made the process simple, making loans quick and accessible for business owners. 


Here’s how our loan process works:



The process starts with our simple online application, which typically takes minutes to complete. Have your financial statements, bank statements, and identity documents ready to ensure a smooth process. You may also need to provide details of your personal financial circumstances, such as your assets, debts, income, and expenses.


Quick business loan processing

We’ll then review your application and business credit history. Decisions can even be made in as little as thirty minutes. This allows for rapid progression of the business financing process from approval to funding if your application is approved.


How do we do it so fast? We make use of our advanced Koala Score system. As one of the most predictive credit scoring engines in Australia, our Koala Score combines thousands of data points and our years of small business lending experience. This innovative approach allows for rapid processing and approval, revolutionising business lending efficiency.


Receiving funds

Approved funds are deposited into your account in as little as two hours, ensuring immediate access to the money your business needs to thrive. 



With terms ranging from six to twenty-four months and weekly repayments, our business loan structure is designed to make the repayment process manageable and predictable. Your repayment amount depends on your agreed loan amount and loan term.


What are the different types of business financing?


At OnDeck, we understand that each enterprise is different. This is why we offer our Lightning Loans® to provide fast and easy access to business finance.


Lightning Loans

Our Lightning Loans are the go-to solution for SMEs in need of a swift financial boost, offering amounts from $10,000 to $175,000. 


Designed for immediacy, they cater to various needs, from stocking up inventory to launching marketing initiatives, ensuring your business keeps pace with its aspirations. All you need to do is provide six months of your latest business bank statements to get started.


Lightning Loans Plus

For businesses eyeing bigger growth ventures, our Lightning Loans Plus option, which ranges from $175,001 to $250,000, provides that extra financial leverage. 


Alongside six months of recent business bank statements, this business financing option requires the latest annual financials prepared by your accountant, encompassing the past twelve months. This tier is crafted for enterprises ready to take huge leaps forward, combining efficiency with robust financial support.


What are the key factors lenders consider when evaluating a business for a loan?


When assessing a business for commercial loans, lenders evaluate credit history, cash flow consistency, and the business’s track record, among other factors. We take various information about you and your business into account, but here are some major factors that determine whether or not you’re eligible for online cash loans from OnDeck.


Credit history

A pivotal factor in the loan evaluation process is a business’s credit history and score, which serve as a testament to its financial responsibility. A minimum business credit score of 400 is required at OnDeck. We also have the ‘Know Your Score’ tool, offering immediate insights into your business’s credit standing, free of charge and without obligation.


Financial health and stability

A minimum of $100,000 in gross annual turnover is critical to OnDeck’s assessment, ensuring that businesses have the financial means to support loan repayment. This approach underscores our commitment to responsible lending and the success of small businesses. 


On top of the minimum annual turnover, we also require that applicants have no history of recent or prior bankruptcy. 


Business age

OnDeck takes note of how long a business has been operational, requiring a minimum of one year in business to qualify for a loan. 


OnDeck – the small business loan specialist


We’re more than just a lender; we’re a partner in your small business’s journey to success. 


If you’re looking for small business loans Australia-based entrepreneurs can depend on, look no further. In our years of experience, we’ve met the business financing needs of thousands of Australian business owners.


Our eligibility criteria for our direct lender loans are straightforward, our process is swift, and our loan specialists provide guidance every step of the way. With us, a smooth and personalised loan application process is assured. 

Getting a business loan is seamless and straightforward at OnDeck. Count on us to be flexible, reliable, and ready to support your business’s next big leap. Submit an application today!


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