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Introducing OnDeck’s Free Digital Marketing Service for Accredited Brokers

by OnDeck Australia,   Sep 13, 2018


The OnDeck marketing team is excited to launch a free digital marketing service for our Accredited Brokers via the OnDeck Partner Portal. Our new suite of email templates will help start the conversation with marketing unsecured business loans to your clients. The email templates are fully customisable so that you can incorporate your company logo and colours. There are various themes and industry segments to select from, so that you can deliver the right message to your clients. The email templates can be ordered for free and to suit your preferred email client or platform for sending out your digital marketing campaigns – for example, free text for any client software, MailChimp, Vision6, Marketo and more.


Contact your local BDM for more information, or log in to the OnDeck Partner Portal and start ordering your templates today.




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