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Wellness: Personal Wellbeing and Health

by OnDeck Australia,   Jul 10, 2019

Your mental, physical and emotional health matters

You deserve a break

You’ve invested time, money and considerable energy making a go of your business. And that can bring outstanding financial rewards.

But success in business can come at the cost of your personal wellbeing.


Success doesn’t happen by chance

It’s no secret that small and medium enterprise (SME) owners work hard… Really hard.

In fact, research by OnDeck found one in four SME owners haven’t had a vacation for at least four years.

Even when they do take a break, 95% of SME owners stay in work mode, regularly checking work emails.

If that sounds like you, it could be time to prioritise your own wellbeing.


Your energy drives your business

We know that for most SME owners work never really ends. But here’s why your physical wellbeing matters.

Your energy drives your enterprise

Your good health is critical to the success of your business

Your enthusiasm inspires your team


Quite simply, if you burn out, your business will suffer.

To help you combine business success with peak personal wellbeing, we’ve put together a range of resources to help take care of what matters most: You.


We know that for most Aussie SME owners, work never really ends...



Mental Health Resources

You’re not alone. Just sharing the strains and pressures of business life with someone who understands can help you see the world through fresh eyes.

Business Health Resources

Good health and success in business? It’s the perfect combo, and it can be achieved. Check out the links to discover how.

Physical Health Resources

Long hours at work can mean poor diet choices and insufficient exercise. Take a look at our resources to reboot your approach to wellbeing and rediscover what ‘alive’ is all about.

Mental Health Resources

  • Beyond Blue – If you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, Beyond Blue’s trained mental health professionals are here for you. Beyond Blue were contacted by more than 150,000 Aussies last year and they also have some great resources on their website.
  • Heads Up -A great resource focused specifically on giving individuals and businesses the tools to create more mentally healthy workplaces.
  • Lifeline – Lifeline is a national charity providing 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services. Their goal is to empower Australians to be suicide safe through compassion, connection and hope.
  • R U OK – R U OK focus on suicide prevention and empower you to connect with people around you for support. It’s a great resource for teaching you how to reach out if you need help and also how to help out friends or family that may be at risk.


Business Health Resources

  • – Free government resource helping business owners connect to grants, registrations and support.
  • Jobs for NSW – Providing financial support to startups and fast-growth small to medium enterprises (SMEs), Jobs for NSW has information on grants and loans.
  • ‘Know Your Score’ business credit check – Your business credit score establishes the health of your business. OnDeck’s ‘Know Your Score’ tool allows you to check your business credit score for free and without leaving a footprint.


Physical Health Resources

  • Victoria Health Promotion Foundation – The Victorian Health Promotion Foundation primarily focuses on promoting good health and preventing chronic disease. Find out more about the research they’ve conducted and general information on health.
  • 10,000 Steps – The 10,000 Steps program encourages individuals, workplaces and communities to be more active. They aim to encourage the use of pedometers to track day-to-day physical activity to help achieve significant health and well being benefits.

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