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OnDeck’s lightning-fast application and approvals helps ADEC to grow

by OnDeck Australia,   Jul 20, 2021

Whether it is an exhaust duct or air conditioning system in a local fish and chip shop or a germ-free hospital environment, OnDeck customer Brisbane-based ADEC (Airduct Exhaust Cleaning) Services has serviced them all, over the last quarter of a century.


However, in the last 12 months, Adec has been called on to provide some essential assistance for Queensland’s ailing health system and hospitals. ADEC Co-Founder Sue Walshaw admits, “COVID was kind to us.” The World Health Organisation (WHO) did its bit too. The global health peak body announced that as the pandemic gripped, well-maintained and operated heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems could effectively reduce the spread of COVID-19 in indoor spaces. The WHO also urged that HVAC systems be inspected, maintained, and cleaned regularly.


That said, cleaning air-conditioning ducts in hospital wards during a pandemic is not for the faint-hearted. Sue explains, “We made sure all our staff had regulation personal protective equipment and were vaccinated.”


Working with OnDeck


Sue first reached out to OnDeck in 2017 because the business wanted to invest in UV lights to sanitise air handling units and air-conditioning ducts. “A supplier approached us from New Zealand, and we needed a loan to build up a good stock of the lights that help kill the mould in the units which helps prevent contamination in duct work,” Sue explains. UV rays eliminate most bacteria, viruses and mould.


“The UV lights cost around $3,000 for each unit (depending on size), and we needed to install about 40 units around the hospital.”


As an MYOB customer, Sue was encouraged to approach OnDeck. “OnDeck were teamed with MYOB at the time, and we decided to give them a go and take it from there. We had no idea about what the application process would involve and how long the approval would take.”


To Sue’s delight, the OnDeck loan process was “absolutely great” in 2017, and nothing has changed – except it is even faster. “It was so straightforward as I didn’t have to find many figures or refer them to my accountant.


“OnDeck just wanted to look at our bank statements. If they had some queries about some payments, they’d ring, and we’d sort it out on the spot.”


Sue and ADEC have since renewed their loans with OnDeck every year in June. Last year, Sue used the OnDeck support to fund a new vehicle for one of the team members, and it took two days to get the loan renewed and the money into the ADEC trading account.


“We have just renewed again in June 2021 to buy a machine that can clean air-conditioning ducting faster, and this renewal was even speedier.


According to Sue, the new machines, worth around $40,000, will allow ADEC’s employees to service more air-conditioning ducting and grow our business without adding headcount. “We sent an email in the morning requesting a loan to help us purchase this machine and upgrade or replace some of our other equipment, and we had the money that night in our account. It was lightning fast.”


Accommodating customer service


Sue maintains that OnDeck has always provided excellent customer service and follow-up. “They are great. They ring me regularly to double-check on how things are going. If all is going well, they will leave me alone and will not stay on my case as some people do.”


“I would recommend OnDeck to other small businesses. They make it easy for us to achieve what we want to do.”


She concludes, “The staff are very friendly and helpful, and the loans are approved very quickly. What more could you want?”


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