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More government support for Victorian small business

by OnDeck Australia,   Sep 07, 2021

In a double win for Victorian small businesses, they now have a new Commissioner going into bat for their rights, while the state government is offering $1,200 rebates to help improve the digital capabilities of many businesses. 


New Commissioner will support small business


The new commissioner Lynda McAlary-Smith is heading up the Victorian Small Business Commission (VSBC) and will assist small businesses to resolve disputes, build their understanding of their rights and obligations and advocate on their behalf.


Lynda is an experienced public service executive who brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the position. She has delivered proven results for small businesses through her past roles as Acting Deputy Fair Work Ombudsman and Executive Director of Regulatory Operations at the Victorian Building Authority.


The new Victorian Small Business Commissioner has stepped into the role at a crucial time for many small businesses across the state. Her focus from the outset will be to achieve a competitive and fair operating environment for small businesses in Victoria and support them in getting to the other side of the pandemic.


The VSBC will promote informed decision making and mediate commercial disputes, including any conflicts relating to the new Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme. The new commissioner will also champion the rights of small business owners, support them in looking after their mental well-being, investigate complaints about unfair market practices.


Supporting small business technology


Even before the new VSBC Commissioner has had time to take her first Zoom meeting, the Victorian Government reopened the Small Business Digital Adaptation Program. The program aims to provide thousands of small businesses with the opportunity to improve their online presence and arm themselves with more digital skills.


The program provides $1,200 rebates so small businesses can access a range of digital business tools such as Xero, MYOB and Square to make improvements to websites and use online marketing tools, cash flow services, jobs & project management and stocktake systems.


The program has been extended to offer additional support to Victorian businesses during the current lockdown and beyond.


Cameron Poolman, CEO of OnDeck, said, “As a fintech lender, OnDeck’s innovative use of technology is one of the key factors that differentiates us in the market.


“Likewise, the Small Business Digital Adaptation Program will help Victorian small business earn a technology advantage and enable owners to develop new digital skills that will help their businesses emerge from the latest lockdowns sturdier and more competitive.”


“At OnDeck, operating digitally is fundamental to our business success and we have been using the time during lockdowns wisely to enhance our own technology and processing capabilities with the launch of The KOALA Score™ and Lightning Loans for finance up to $100,000.


“We therefore support any funding initiatives that will improve the digital capability of cash-strapped Victorian small businesses in these extremely challenging times.”



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