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How to make sure your business thrives during the festive season

by OnDeck Australia,   Nov 24, 2022

The 2022 festive season is nearly upon us, and  this year it’s sure to be a time to celebrate for a lot of businesses, especially with the incentives recently announced in the federal government’s budget

For consumers, it’s the first lockdown-free season we’ve had across the country for a couple of years, and Australian’s will no doubt be out in force between December and January, enjoying end-of-year celebrations, buying presents and spending big while they are on holidays. 

What the 2022 peak season will look like for retailers 

The Australian Retailers Association CEO Zahra says pre-Christmas sales (from November 14 to December 24) are expected to rise 3 per cent to $63.9 billion.

While this all sounds like fantastic news in terms of more revenue, for many businesses the holidays can also be a stressful time of managing delayed stock and staff shortages.

To add to this, Albert Cenusa, from State Transport and Warehousing, says this year retailers may face the same long delays, gridlocks, lack of equipment and staff, and potential adverse weather conditions that we faced in 2021.

If you are worried about your business struggling to find coverage for your shifts this Christmas, don’t worry! We have compiled a list of tips to help you manage through the holiday season.

If you are a retailer, it is important to start planning for Christmas 2022 now. Begin by evaluating your staff needs and creating a plan to cover any potential shortages. You may also want to consider hiring seasonal staff to help with the holiday rush.


What can you do to manage staff shortages this Christmas?

If you are struggling to find coverage for your shifts this Christmas, don’t worry! We have compiled a list of tips to help you manage through the holiday season:

Plan ahead

Plan ahead and try to get as much work done as possible before the holiday rush begins. This will help you to keep on top of things and avoid any last-minute stress. Order stock early, where possible. This will help to ensure that you have enough stock to meet customer demand. It may also help to avoid any last-minute rushes and stress.

Utilise your existing staff

Talk to your employees about their holiday plans and see if anyone is willing to work additional shifts. Incentives are a great way to encourage employees to work additional shifts. You could offer bonuses, gift cards, or extra time off. 

Be flexible with scheduling

Employees may be more willing to work if you are flexible with their schedules. Try to accommodate their holiday plans as much as possible.

Hire seasonal staff early

Seasonal workers can be a great way to cover extra shifts during the holidays. They can also help with any last-minute staffing shortages.

Ensure you have sufficient cash flow to cover extra expenses 

If you’re ordering stock or hiring seasonal staff in time for the Christmas rush, you’ll need to make sure you have enough cash flow to cover these expenses up front before the festive season revenue kicks in.  

OnDeck can provide you with a cash flow loan that can help bridge that gap for you. Our simple application process and minimal documentation requirements mean your loan can be approved with funds in your bank account in as little as 2 hours.




When is the best time to start recruiting Christmas staff?

The best time to start recruiting Christmas staff is as early as possible. This will give you the best chance of finding quality candidates. It is also important to begin planning for Christmas well in advance so that you can avoid any last-minute rush.


How can I make sure my employees are happy during the holiday season?

Offer incentives such as bonuses, gift cards, or extra time off, ensure staff have an opportunity to take time off during the holidays, and be flexible with scheduling. You should also try to accommodate employees’ holiday plans as much as possible.


How can I improve my business cash flow at Christmas time?

Get a loan from OnDeck to help with your business cash flow during the holiday season. Seasonal loans can provide you with the extra funding you need to help your business meet increased demand.


How do I apply for a cash flow loan?

Applying for a cash flow loan with OnDeck is easy. Simply complete our online application form in minutes, and we will get in touch to walk you through our options.


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