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Why content is more important than ever right now

by OnDeck Australia,   Apr 20, 2020


Right now – everyone is at home. Your customers are at home, and they’ve got more time and fewer distractions than ever before. This means they’re hunting for content. Valuable content. Is your brand grasping the opportunity?


Christopher Melotti, founder of award-winning content agency Melotti Media, offers his insights on why content is more important than ever as we face in to the COVID-19 crisis.


“Social distancing” is a relatively new term due to our annoying friend, the COVID-19 virus. This has forced everyone to practise isolation.

People are getting isolated and staying indoors – but that doesn’t mean your business should be distancing itself, too.

Millions of people, both bored and having nowhere else to go, are killing time at home looking for ways to entertain themselves – either through endless scrolling on the internet, watching countless videos or listening to Podcasts they’ve searched online.


Do you want your brand to be in amongst what they’re looking at?


Such an increase in content consumption offers a massive opportunity for your business to deliver brand messages and engage more consumers through excellent content marketing.


So, are you taking steps to take advantage of this situation? If not, now is the time.

The soaring media consumption is no joke.


According to analysis by Nielsen, social distancing will continue to push media consumption habits 60% higher than normal.


This makes sense, considering that people are looking for news, features and content to get informed and be entertained during this time of crisis.


In fact, even the usage of social media is expected to increase further. According to the Nielsen Social Content Ratings from the period January-February, there were 110,000 tweets mentioning either coronavirus or COVID-19 in a short space of time.


For marketers and advertisers, this a chance to stand out and lead the conversation.


Now more than ever, your customers are online, hungry for content and have fewer distractions.


They have a lot of spare time. Providing them with lots of useful content can help your brand gain their trust and build meaningful relationships.


How? Simple.

  • Provide informative content that demonstrates your knowledge and trustworthiness
  • Posting fun and relatable content leaves your audience wanting more from you.
  • Keeping 2-way communications open with your market during this time of isolation will help you get remembered even after the time of crisis.


So, how can you deliver more content, then?


  1. Write blogs. COVID-19 related or not, wouldn’t it be nice to keep your consumers updated with news, information and events? Write about topics that are meaningful for them.
  2. Post lots of videos. Give them a good laugh and try to produce videos that are light-hearted, but informative.
  3. Podcasts. The next time your customers do house chores, they can tune in to hear something relevant from your business, while on the move.
  4. Utilise social media and emails. Never stop interacting. Talking to your audience doesn’t always have to be face-to-face. You can share updates online, ask them how they’re going through emails or exchange comments every now and then. What’s important is they know you’re there.


People are getting isolated and staying indoors – but that doesn’t mean your business should be distancing itself, too.


There are so many ways to connect with them by producing valuable content.


All forms of content – whether they are blog posts, social media posts, videos, podcasts, newsletters, webinars, e-books or infographics – are powered by words to inform, entertain and deliver value.


Want more information?

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