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Returning to office life after lockdown

by OnDeck Australia,   Jun 26, 2020


The recent wave of announcements easing lockdown restrictions got us thinking about returning to our normal working routines (COVID-Safe, of course!). And while some of us are chomping at the bit to get back to the office, it seems many have become accustomed to the bedroom-to-dining-table commute and working in our slippers!



Majority of workers uncertain about office return


As more businesses and workers figure out the advantages of working from home (WFH), an online snap poll by OnDeck found over 60% of employees are in no great hurry to get back to their usual workplace, with 20% going as far as to say they’d prefer not to ever return to an office environment.



Working from home – the good bits


The online poll found escaping the grind of a daily commute was considered the most satisfying aspect of working from home. Several respondents suggested they were saving as many as “two hours of dead travel time” daily by working from a spare bedroom, dining room table or – for the lucky ones – a dedicated study.


Other respondents advised that being able to “prep for dinner while continuing to work” was another advantage of WFH. Also, the ability to spend more time with family and pets were big pluses.


Saving money on daily coffees was regarded as another home office perk, although more than a few highlighted they’ve struggled to perfect the ‘at home’ coffee and miss their regular office coffee shop! For those who haven’t been able to master barista skills, they’ve been making the most of exploring their residential area and discovered new local cafes that they wouldn’t necessarily have ventured to otherwise – we loved to hear that many of you are getting out of home during the working day to support your local businesses!


WFH has also shone a light on the ability of workers to be more efficient and flexible with their working day. Some respondents even suggested the hours saved by reduced travel times have enabled them to work more hours for their employers.



The challenge of the home office


But working from home is not all beer and skittles either. Dealing with the isolation of the home office was cited as one of the least desired aspects of WFH by the survey respondents.


Similarly, less social interaction with work colleagues and friends is an ISO bugbear, while limited access to printers and scanners was proving a practical challenge for some.



The return to work


With more than 60% of respondents against or simply not bothered about returning to the office, the anxiety about COVID-19 remains, along with long daily commutes. One respondent worried about, “the unnecessary commute time, and potentially getting the virus on public transport.


“Also, I’m petrified of sneezing in public and getting the evil eye!”


Notwithstanding the subdued enthusiasm for the return to an office environment, most respondents were looking forward to team lunches, gossiping around the watercooler and face-to-face meetings.


Also, a return to normality was linked to a move back to an office environment. At the same time, one respondent wrote they expected, and hoped for, a “change in office dynamic, with a shift towards a more technological focused work environment.”


Others highlighted the importance of employers following procedures to ensure a “COVID-Safe return to the office”, and diligence by fellow colleagues to adhere to social distancing measures.





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