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How your construction business can take advantage of OnDeck’s delayed repayments this Christmas

by OnDeck Australia,   Dec 17, 2019


The lead up to Christmas and New Year can be a stressful time, to say the least. As a business owner, you’re likely to be juggling a million competing priorities. From coordinating your team’s annual leave requests and scrambling to meet the frenzied end of year demands from clients, to managing your cash flow, and not to mention organising your family life; wrapping up the year can be a nightmare.


With so many extra pressures it’s easy to feel like you’re struggling to keep up with your cash flow, adding even more stress to a busy time. Instead of struggling this Christmas and New Year season why not take a proactive step to stay ahead of your cash flow and get your business ready to start 2020 off strong?


Flexible business loans with no repayments until Jan 2020


Without liquid capital, it can be hard to make the moves to set yourself up for a strong start in the new year. OnDeck understands this time of year can be both challenging and a huge opportunity to get your ducks in line. To help ease the strain OnDeck’s repayment break means you can take advantage of a flexible, unsecured business loan without worrying about repayments until January 2020.


As an owner of a construction business, this opportunity can help you invest in the tools, staff, marketing and payroll systems you need to efficiently navigate the holiday period and come into 2020 set up for success.


Ease the pain of annual leave payments


Although you may shut down your business for a few weeks while your clients are on breaks and your staff are on holiday, the likelihood is you’ll still need to be paying wages and potentially holiday leave loading. With a business loan, you’ll be able to comfortably reward and cover your annual leave commitments to yourself and your staff, without sacrificing investing elsewhere in the business or honouring your bills and supplier payments.


Invest in the tools and equipment you need


Often business owners will put off purchasing the tools and equipment they need until cashflow is steady again after the new year. The problem with this approach means the inevitable new year hangover with clients getting back into the swing of steady work and payments, resulting in surplus cash being delayed well into the year. With the help of a business loan and a repayment delay, you can invest in the tools, equipment and materials you need now to ensure you can hit the ground running and take advantage of new contracts in 2020.


Add extra members to your crew


The inevitable pre-holiday push to get projects finished can put lots of added pressure on your business and crew, especially when you’re already under the pump. Ease the pressure and support your team and clients by adding on extra short term or permanent staff to help with the workload in December. This means you get to tie up projects and free your team for new opportunities in the new year and also give your team some respite to unwind and come back to work ready for a new year.


Invest in a 2020 new year marketing campaign


Be proactive and invest in preparing your marketing activities for 2020 to take advantage of the motivation and inspiration that comes with a new year. January is a perfect time to get in front of potential clients and start the year strong with new leads and brand awareness. Taking the time now to invest in a 2020 marketing strategy can get you out ahead of your competitors and give you time to concentrate on closing deals as they arise in the new year.


To start today and take advantage of a flexible short term business loan with no repayments until 2020 submit an enquiry or call us on 1801800 676 652.


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