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5 things your professional service should invest in for 2020

by OnDeck Australia,   Dec 17, 2019


Nothing feels as good as marching into the new year with a strong plan for your business. As we kick over into a new decade, there is no doubt that big changes are on the horizon for business owners, especially those in professional services. From 5G to robot workforces, the 2020 decade will be sure to bring changes we can’t even fathom yet. But there are some definite trends arising for next year and we’ve pulled together the top 5 business trends that your professional services should be investing in to stay ahead of the game in 2020.


  1. Tracking your data


No longer just for big businesses with big budgets, the explosion of cloud-based software and rapidly evolving Customer Relationship Management tools has given SMEs the ability to track their data to make smarter business decisions – which you’ll find are well worth the investment.


Investing in data-tracking allows you to turn over every stone of your customer journey and see behaviours, sales trends, market positioning, customer trends and so much more. Then you can use this information to implement effective changes in your business.


As the saying goes, information is power and what better way to get prepared for 2020 than having deep, data-driven insights driving your business decisions?


  1. Customer Experience (CX)


Creating a great customer experience is essential to success with 2020 set to see a rise in dedicated customer review websites. A survey conducted by Podium showed that up to 93% of customers are influenced by online reviews prior to purchase.


Customer Experience design or CX is fast becoming one of the most sought-after consultancies for businesses providing professional services. It covers the full customer experience both online and off. In addition to creating the best experience for your customers, a good CX strategy will also optimise your systems and processes to ensure you’re putting time and effort in the right places.


  1. Automation


From Messenger Chat Bots to automated email marketing, investing in ways to automate processes in your business is a smart – and inevitable thing to do in 2020.

The reality is that half of your interactions with businesses and technology are already automated – and why wouldn’t they be?

Automation helps you:


  • Free up time
  • Lower costs
  • Increase conversions
  • Improve flexibility and responsiveness


Using a Customer Relationship Management software, like Salesforce, to combine data with automation can improve your ability to regularly engage your customers or nurture new customers – almost hands-free! Imagine any new enquiries getting an automated response, that leads them to what they need, and delivers the right information so that the first time you have to deal with a client it’s to provide your service! From online booking systems to automated appointment reminders, automation is the way of the future so you can work smarter – not harder.


  1. Content Creation


While the organic social media space is an increasingly competitive and frustrating environment, the need for providing your audience with engaging content is only ramping up in 2020. From regular social media stories to viral YouTube videos, it’s essential that you’re on top of creating relevant content your audience can relate to.


Invest in a content creation specialist early in the year to help create and implement a strategy that will free up your time and keep your channels up to date and delivering fresh content consistently throughout the year.


  1. Virtual Admin Services


Write a list of all the tasks you do in a day and tick the ones that could be completed by someone else without your qualification. As business owners, we do a lot of data work, or simple, manual tasks that could easily be outsourced to someone who would be quicker and more efficient!


From screening your emails, to answering your phones or organising your online documents, hiring a VA is becoming increasingly common – and you don’t even have to look outside the country. By freeing up a few hours a day, you can focus on the business-building tasks which only you can do, setting your business up for growth and success!


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