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Customer Spotlight – New View Window Cleaning

by OnDeck Australia,   May 01, 2018


Max Macarthur and his wife, Deborah, started New View 11 years ago after immigrating to Australia from the United Kingdom. Upon arriving in Sydney, they sought out the right business opportunity, purchased an existing window cleaning service and got busy obtaining a business visa. Two years later, New View was up and running and the Macarthurs were full-fledged Australian citizens.


Since 2007, New View has grown to serve a wide range of customers across the Northern and Eastern Sydney beaches and throughout the greater Western Sydney region. The Macarthurs handle commercial and residential accounts, with construction cleans and residential homes making up the majority of their business.


When their business required more capital in April 2017, Max and Deborah began researching online for a short-term financing solution to cover commitments on several new large-scale jobs. Max went to his long-time bank, but was told a business loan would take 4-6 weeks to be approved. Instead, the Macarthurs checked their business credit online using OnDeck’s ‘Know Your Score’ product. Their business credit score quickly came up healthy and they applied online for an OnDeck loan. Max Macarthur tells the rest…


Max McCarthur, New View Window Cleaning

Avalon Beach, NSW


“We were approved by OnDeck in six hours or less, rather than the bank’s timing quote of four to six weeks”, says Max Macarthur, owner, New View Window Cleaning Service. “OnDeck’s online process was remarkably quick, simple and efficient. Most importantly, they listened to my needs and understood that I couldn’t wait forever and a day for a bank loan.”


Max believes the banks are ‘missing out’ on business opportunities with clients like New View because small businesses cannot wait up to 6 weeks for funding. As a business owner, he doesn’t view the need for cash to take on new jobs as a ‘problem,’ rather as a normal part of growing a business.  The Macarthurs have subsequently received three renewal loans from OnDeck and the capital from OnDeck has proven to be an easy and efficient way to fund their business.


“As a repeat customer, I can vouch for the first-class customer service at OnDeck,” said Max Macarthur.  “You always get to speak with a real person, who’s both a product expert and extremely helpful. I would recommend OnDeck to any small business owner in need of funding. They understand a small business owner’s needs like no one else.”


“OnDeck is delighted to recognize the achievements of Max and Deborah in building their New View Window Cleaning business in Sydney, Australia,” said Cameron Poolman, Chief Executive Officer, OnDeck Australia. “Since launching in Australia in 2015, we at OnDeck have been constantly inspired by business pioneers like the Macarthurs, whose hard work, vision and use of reliable and fast online lending has opened new pathways for business growth.”


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