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Business Loan Calculator

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Business Loan Repayment Calculator


To provide our customers with better insight into what their weekly repayments may look like, OnDeck has created a OnDeck Business Loan Repayment Calculator to help. The OnDeck Business Loan Repayment Calculator allows you to select your desired loan amount as well as the desired loan term to figure out what kind of plan suits you. Please go ahead and check it out.



Estimate the weekly payment of a business loan

Our Business Loan Calculator provides an estimate of weekly payments for different loan amounts and terms

Select your desired loan amount


Select your desired loan term

9 months
Weekly repayments:
Number of repayments:
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* For illustration purposes only.


*The payment amount displayed above is provided as a general guide only representing the total amount that would be owing (including interest) based on the loan terms you selected. Actual amounts may be higher or lower and are subject to additional fees and charges, for example a 3% origination fee, which is paid upfront and deducted from the total sum you will receive. OnDeck conducts an individual assessment of each applicant including analysis on the health of your business to determine if you are eligible for a loan and if applicable, to determine the final loan pricing, duration and loan amount. Credit assessment may include considering your business’s cashflow, capital and market conditions.

This is not a guaranteed offer. Not all loan amounts, loan terms or rates will be available to all applicants. Loans are subject to lender approval and terms and conditions apply. You should consider whether you should get professional independent advice before making any financial decisions.

Calculator information

The Loan Repayment Calculator calculates the weekly cost requested, in respect of the loan amount over a 12-month term.

Calculator assumptions

Number of repayment periods in a year
One year is assumed to contain exactly 52 weeks, 26 fortnights, 12 months, 4 quarters and 2 half years. This assumes that a year has 364 days rather than the actual 365 or 366 (such as in a “leap year”).

Early repayment rights or restructure of loan agreement not included

This calculator does not take into account the impact to weekly repayments from any early repayment rights, restructure of your loan agreement, or extension of any loan term that you may be entitled to under a Loan Agreement.